May 22, 2013

How to speed up android

  1. Cleaning up your internal storage is also simple: just uninstall unnecessary apps or move to SD Card. This will free up that internal space and speed up your phone. Just go to Settings/Applications/Manage Applications. Select an app, and tap the "Move to SD Card" button to move it or tap the "uninstall". Minimum internal memory should be 40Mb.
  2. Turn brightness down, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off when not in use
  3. Turn off "multimedia" settings
  4. Try a new home screen launcher (maybe launcher pro is the best) 

And if you have lag on your android prone I found two ways to speed up your phone. Both of them require to root your phone.
1. Android seeder:
-install Seeder-2.0.0.apk
2. V6_SuperCharger. It is an android memory optimizer, stay launcher in memory:
-Rooted Android Device
-Script Manager

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