October 25, 2013

LG 32LK430-ZG firmware downgrade (upgrade)

DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK! (but I have tested)
I downloaded a firmware for my LG TV 32LK430-ZG firmware version 03.01.47 and I saw the video playback is wrong (sound was sliding), I wrote to the LG how to solve the problem and they sad that 'you cannot downgrade the firmware to the previous version'. I have the solution. I found an old firmware on my hard disk.
Here is how to put the firmware into tv:
LG TV Downgrade Firmware:
- Put the firmware into a pendrive into the LG_DTV directory
- Highlight option in menu and press favourite key 7x times and a new menu appears asking whether you want to update to firmware on usb stick. Set the firmware and press ok. Wait until your TV is working and it restarts.

Here is the firmware:
LG TV 32LK430__V03.01.25


  1. I also tried the latest version of fw that LG "spit" out, only to realize that usb playback had no sound on a variety of formats!!! S,o a BIG THANKS for you for sharing how downgrade is possible. As for LG, since I got scammed with NO DTS on both my TVs I'm just saying SHAME ON YOU, but BLAME ON ME for not opening my eyes 1st.
    Once again, 10x m8!

  2. Thanks. Worked on my LG 42LK430-ZG .

    Perfect. The newest firmware version on USB Play was garbage...but this one is smooth...

    Much apreciated.