January 5, 2014

Panasonic plasma repair part 2.

Read it firstly PART 1.

I found the PFC (power factor control) circuit on the Internet, but it is not especially for this TV but LSJB1261 board too (not LSJB1261-1).

 Another picture about the power voltages on the A board (video board).

A board

Probably when I replaced the two bad resistors Q406 went wrong therefore I have to change the Q406 again and it solved the problem. The TV now works well as picture shows. It costs about 25 dollars. But if you change only the bad parts it is cheaper.

To sum up: must IC406 change, and have to check F401 F402 C443 C444 Q406 R493 R439 R448 R449 R411 D431 PR402 R436.

Good good TV

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